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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NX92


places in the square:-

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Corner House, Workington , off licence  (NX99822879)

engine shed, Workington / Workington Engine Shed, engine shed  (NX99352854)

Holy Trinity, Workington / Workington Church, church  (NX9928)

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hydrant plate, Workington , hydrant plate  (NX99702890)

King's Arms, Workington , inn  (NX9928)

New Crown, Workington , inn  (NX9928)

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railway bridge, Workington , railway bridge  (NX99582899)

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ring of bells, Workington , ring of bells  (NX99722894)

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Seamen's Bethel, Workington , chapel  (NX99612895)

Solway Nailworks, Workington , nail works  (NX99352885)

St Helen's Pit, Workington , coal mine  (NX9928)

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St Michael, Workington / Workington Church, church, listed  (NX99722894)

St Michael's House, Workington / Rectory, The, building/s, listed  (NX99802896)

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sundial, Workington , sundial  (NX99722894)

trig point, NX9994128659 , trig point  (NX9994128659)

trig point, NX9996628063 , trig point  (NX9996628063)

Viaduct Hotel, Workington , inn, listed  (NX99602891)

war memorial, Workington , war memorial, listed  (NX99952849)

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Workington / Wukkit'n, building/s  (NX996288)

Workington borough , borough  (NX9928)

Workington Row, Workington , locality  (NX9928)

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Workington Station, Workington / Workington Main Station, railway station  (NX99532891)

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Workington: Pirt and Co , engineering works, listed  (NX99622897)

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