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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY03


places in the square:-

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Brigham , building/s  (NY0830)

Brigham Hill, Brigham , building/s  (NY0830)

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Brigham Memorial Hall, Brigham , village hall  (NY08663030)

Brigham Moss, Brigham , marsh  (NY0830)

Brigham Quarries, Brigham , quarry  (NY087305)

Brigham Side Turnpike, Brigham , toll gate  (NY08623078)

Brigham Station, Brigham / Brigham Junction, railway station  (NY08473099)

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Brigham: High Brigham, 36 , building/s  (NY08973026)

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Brigham: High Brigham, 81 , building/s, listed  (NY08603025)

Brigham: High Brigham, 114 , building/s, listed  (NY08553034)

Brigham: High Brigham, 126 , building/s, listed  (NY08523032)

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Brigham: Hillarys Stores / Hillary's Store, shop  (NY08783031)

Chantry Well, Brigham , spring  (NY08483083)

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chapel, Brigham , methodist chapel  (NY08903031)

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drain, Brigham , drain  (NY08963027)

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drain, Brigham (2) , drain  (NY08623030)

Ellerlea, Brigham , building/s, listed  (NY08953030)

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Fawcett House, Brigham , building/s  (NY08623027)

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fingerpost, Brigham , fingerpost  (NY08673029)

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Lakeland Gates, Brigham , photographic studio  (NY08603076)

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Limekiln Inn, Brigham / Lime Kiln, inn  (NY08553073)

Midtown Farm, Brigham , building/s, listed  (NY08863034)

Old Vicarage, Brigham , building/s, listed  (NY08823094)

Parsonage Farm, Brigham , building/s, listed  (NY08583098)

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St Bridget, Brigham / Brigham Church, church, listed  (NY08503090)

sundial, Brigham , sundial, listed  (NY08583088)

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war memorial, Brigham , war memorial  (NY08503090)

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