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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY13


places in the square:-

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Belle Vue inn, Papcastle , inn  (NY11233176)

Belle Vue, Papcastle , building/s  (NY1131)

Cockermouth: Gote Road , street  (NY11663134)

Cockermouth: Spital Ing Lane , street  (NY11543105)

Derwent Lodge, Papcastle , building/s  (NY11143129)

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Goatmill House, Cockermouth , building/s, listed  (NY11633103)

Hames Hall, Cockermouth , building/s  (NY1131)

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High Gote Mill, Cockermouth / Lawsons Haulage, building/s, listed  (NY11613108)

house, Cockermouth (2) , building/s, listed  (NY11663134)

Lindenside Cottage, Papcastle , building/s, listed  (NY11003140)

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Low Gote Mills, Cockermouth , water mill, listed  (NY11613108)

milestone, Bridekirk (3) , milestone, listed  (NY11403164)

milestone, Cockermouth , milestone  (NY11573106)

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Old Pump House, Cockermouth / Maryport Pumping Station, building/s  (NY11483115)

Papcastle , building/s  (NY110314)

road, Cockermouth to Carlisle / Carlisle to Cockermouth / A595, road  (NY13)

roman fort, Papcastle / Derventio, roman fort  (NY1131)

Roman Well, Papcastle , well  (NY11093126)

Rose Hill, Papcastle , building/s, listed  (NY11033142)

Rosebank, Papcastle , building/s, listed  (NY11013142)

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St Leonard's Hospice, Cockermouth / St Leonard's Hospice, building/s, listed  (NY11543109)

Tommy Gill , river  (NY1131)

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