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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY22


places in the square:-

Belle Vue, Keswick ,   (NY265229)

boat house, Keswick , boat house  (NY263224)

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boat house, Keswick (3) , boat house  (NY26382256)

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boat house, Keswick (4) , boat house  (NY26402277)

boat house, Keswick (5) , boat house, listed  (NY26142248)

building, Keswick , building/s  (NY26432251)

Castle Head, Keswick , hill  (NY269227)

Cockshot Wood, Keswick , wood  (NY265226)

Crow Park, Keswick , park  (NY265229)

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Derwent Isle House, Keswick , building/s, listed  (NY26122238)

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Derwent Isle, Derwent Water / Derwent Island / Hest Holm, island  (NY261224)

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drain, Keswick (3) , drain  (NY26442283)

Friar's Crag, Keswick , hill  (NY26372227)

Ings, Borrowdale , marsh  (NY267221)

Isthmus Bay, Derwent Water , bay  (NY260227)

Isthmus, Keswick , isthmus  (NY262227)

Keswick: Lake Road , street  (NY265229)

Keswick: Mrs Mayo , book shop  (NY265229)

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landing stage, Keswick , landing stage  (NY26402269)

Plosh, Keswick , locality  (NY267229)

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Rawnsley Memorial, Keswick , memorial  (NY26382243)

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Ruskin Memorial, Keswick , memorial, listed  (NY26392227)

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seat, Keswick , seat  (NY26482289)

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station, Castle Head / station, Castle Head / station, Otley 1, viewpoint  (NY26972267)

station, Cockshot Wood / station, Cockshot Wood, viewpoint  (NY2622)

station, Friar's Crag / station, Friar's Crag, viewpoint  (NY26372224)

stone circle, Castle Head , stone circle  (NY269227)

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Strandshag Bay, Keswick , bay  (NY266221)

Town Cass, Keswick , locality  (NY261229)

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Water Edge, Keswick , building/s  (NY26432281)

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