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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY30


places in the square:-

Above Beck, Grasmere , building/s  (NY34220849)

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aqueduct, Grasmere , aqueduct  (NY34500847)

Beck Houses, Lakes , building/s  (NY341084)

Forest Side Cottage, Grasmere , building/s, listed  (NY34220821)

Forest Side house, Grasmere , building/s  (NY34260808)

Forest Side, Grasmere , hill  (NY344080)

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Greenhead Gill , river  (NY3408)

Greenhead Gill Trial, Lakes , lead mine  (NY346085)

Hollins and Lowther Hotel, Grasmere , inn  (NY3408)

inn, Grasmere , inn  (NY34310846)

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Michael's Fold, Grasmere , sheepfold  (NY343082)

Michael's Nook, Lakes , building/s  (NY341083)

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milestone, Grasmere (4) , milestone  (NY34000820)

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Our Lady of the Wayside, Lakes , church  (NY34070809)

Smithy Bridge, Grasmere , bridge  (NY34000819)

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stone wall, Rydal (2) , stone wall  (NY34810847)

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