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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY30


places in the square:-

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boat house, Claife (3) , boat house  (NY37620040)

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boat house, Claife (4) , boat house  (NY37600050)

Epley Point, Claife , headland  (NY37670055)

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fence, Claife , fence  (NY37300085)

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fence, Claife (2) , fence  (NY37370096)

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gate, Claife , gate  (NY37130069)

High Wray Bay, Windermere lake / Wray Bay, High, bay  (NY37640046)

John Longmire's Folly, Wray Castle , folly  (NY375009)

NY30: earthquake 19890210 1506 , earthquake epicentre  (NY37030095)

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St Margaret, Low Wray / Low Wray Church / Wray Church, church, listed  (NY37230075)

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stone wall, Low Wray , stone wall  (NY37090064)

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sundial, Low Wray , sundial  (NY37230075)

sundial, Wray Castle , sundial  (NY37530098)

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war memorial, Low Wray , war memorial  (NY37210075)

Wood Close Point, Claife , headland  (NY37770034)

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