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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY35


places in the square:-

Canal Junction N, Carlisle , railway junction  (NY386564)

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Carlisle Infirmary, Carlisle / Cumberland Infirmary, hospital, listed  (NY38845608)

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Coledale Hall, Carlisle , building/s, listed  (NY38365600)

Crozier Lodge, Carlisle , building/s, listed  (NY38675612)

Eden View, Kingmoor , building/s, listed  (NY38045687)

engine shed, Carlisle (8) / Carlisle Canal Basin Engine Shed, engine shed  (NY38995615)

engine shed, Carlisle (9) / Carlisle Canal Engine Shed, engine shed  (NY38925624)

engine shed, Carlisle (10) / Carlisle Canal Engine Shed, engine shed  (NY38055641)

Etterby Wath, Etterby , ford  (NY38635684)

Milecastle 67, Beaumont , roman milecastle  (NY381564)

Newton, Carlisle , building/s  (NY386562)

Newtown House, Carlisle , building/s, listed  (NY38095600)

Port Carlisle Junction, Carlisle , railway junction  (NY387564)

Stainton, Kingmoor , building/s  (NY380569)

trig point, NY3865856669 , trig point  (NY3865856669)

Waverley House, Kingmoor , building/s, listed  (NY38105686)

Waverley Viaduct, Carlisle , railway bridge, listed  (NY383566)

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