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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY45


places in the square:-

Carlisle: Kells Place, 14 to 18 , building/s, listed  (NY40215716)

Carlisle: Scotland Road, 38 to 48 , building/s, listed  (NY40025719)

Carlisle: Scotland Road, 50 and 52 , building/s, listed  (NY40015724)

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Crown and Thistle, Stanwix , inn  (NY40155712)

Cumbria College of Art and Design, Carlisle , school, listed  (NY40345715)

Knowefield, Carlisle , building/s  (NY4057)

Little Bank, Carlisle , building/s, listed  (NY40315706)

Milecastle 65, Stanwix Rural , roman milecastle  (NY408579)

milestone, Carlisle (8) , milestone  (NY40485718)

Mulcaster House, Carlisle , building/s, listed  (NY40225703)

Old Farm Pottery, Carlisle , building/s, listed  (NY40305769)

Old Vicarage, Carlisle , building/s, listed  (NY40105702)

pillbox, Carlisle , pillbox  (NY403571)

roman fort, Stanwix / Hadrian's Camp, roman fort  (NY401571)

school, Stanwix , school  (NY40025701)

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St Michael, Stanwix / Stanwix Church, church, listed  (NY40125703)

Stanwix House, Carlisle , building/s, listed  (NY40175711)

trig point, NY4012657033 , trig point  (NY4012657033)

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