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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- SD39


places in the square:-

Boulder Buttress, Mart Crag , climb  (SD305988)

Caravan Slab, Mart Crag , climb  (SD305988)

Coniston parish , parish  (SD3098)

Diamond Buttress, Mart Crag , climb  (SD305988)

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drain, Coniston , drain  (SD30349802)

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Far End Cottages, Coniston / Far End Cottage / Curdle Dub / Shieling, The, building/s, listed  (SD30259813)

Far End, Coniston / End, Far, building/s  (SD30299816)

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field drainage, Coniston , field drain  (SD30669852)

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folly, Coniston , folly, listed  (SD30599801)

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hedge, Coniston , hedge  (SD30639848)

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limekiln, Low Yewdale , limekiln, listed  (SD30919887)

Limestone How, Yewdale Fells , hill  (SD308989)

Little Gem, Mart Crag , climb  (SD305988)

Mart Crag, Coniston , rocks  (SD30479883)

Nameless, Long Crag , climb  (SD301986)

Trinity Crack, Long Crag , climb  (SD301986)

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White Gill / White Lady, river  (SD30809865)

White Wall, Long Crag , climb  (SD301986)

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Yew Pike, Coniston , hill  (SD300985)

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