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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- SD39


places in the square:-

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bee boles, Water Head , bee boles  (SD31669828)

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Boon Crag Farm, Coniston , building/s, listed  (SD31589836)

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Boon Crag Sawmill, Coniston , sawmill  (SD31659831)

Boon Crag, Coniston , building/s, listed  (SD31679830)

Guards Quarries, Coniston , flagstone quarry  (SD31139847)

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High Water Head, Coniston / Water Head, High, building/s, listed  (SD31659828)

High Waterhead Cottage, Coniston , building/s, listed  (SD31629827)

Monk Coniston Hall, Monk Coniston , building/s, listed  (SD31839832)

Monk Coniston, Coniston , locality  (SD31809825)

post box, Coniston (2) , post box  (SD31679829)

priory, Monk Coniston , religious house  (SD318982)

rain gauge, Coniston , rain gauge  (SD31589813)

School Beck , river  (SD3198)

School Beck Bridge, Coniston , bridge  (SD31419797)

station, Water Head / station, Water Head, viewpoint  (SD3198)

Water Head House, Coniston , building/s  (SD31949829)

Water Head, Coniston , locality  (SD3198)

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