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Morden 1695 (Wmd)
(Area of roughly corresponding to Morden 1695 (Wmd) NY60 plus overlaps, North at the top; the original map is printed with magnetic north 1695 at the top)

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places may or may not be labelled on the map

button -- Brandrith Stone -- "Brandrith Stone"
button -- Chapel Beck
button -- Coatflatt Hall -- "Cottesflat"
button -- Hawse House (?) -- "Hawse House"
button -- Kelleth -- "Kellath"
button -- Langdale Beck
button -- Longdale -- "Langdale"
button -- Low Borrow Bridge
button -- Lune, River -- "Lone flu / Lone flu" -- "Lone Flu" -- "Lune Flu"
button -- Lunebridge Fen (?) -- "L[ea]nbridg Fen"
button -- Orton -- "Orton"
button -- Rais Beck
button -- Raisbeck -- "Rasebeck"
button -- Raisgill Hall -- "Raisgill hall"
button -- Kendal to Appleby
button -- Sunbiggin -- "Sun Biggin"
button -- Tebay -- "Tebay"
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civil parishes

The area roughly includes parts of parishes:-

    Crosby Ravensworth
    Orton S
    Crosby Garrett

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