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Smit Marks, 2005-06

Photographs of wool marks on sheep in Longsleddale.
Docker Nook illustration of mark
Docker Nook Farm flock; blue pop on near hook.
High Swinklebank illustration of mark
High Swinklebank flock; red stroke down far shoulder.
Low House illustration of mark
Low House flock; black pop on near shoulder.
Wads Howe
illustration of mark
Middale flock; blue stroke down far shoulder.
illustration of mark
Wadshowe flock; red pop on shoulder.
Middle Sadgill;
Tills Hole
illustration of mark
Sadghyll flock; red M on near rib.
Nether House Farm illustration of mark
Nether House flock; red pop on far mid rib.
Wellfoot illustration of mark
Wellfoot flock; red stroke down near lisk.

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