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Shepherds' Guide, Lambert, Robinson and Stephenson, 1907

These notes are from a copy of the guide in Carlisle Library, Local Studies, item 3 8003 00306 2973, shelf mark 1A 636.3.
source type: Lambert et al 1907
Title page:-

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[THE] SHEPHERDS' GUIDE: BEING AN AMALGAMATED ASSOCIATION COMPRISING THE FOLLOWING SOCIETIES:- THE EAST, SOUTH, AND NORTH FELLS ASSOCIATIONS; INCLUDING CERTAIN PARTS OF UNENCLOSED LANDS, LYING AND BEING WITHIN THE COUNTIES OF Yorkshire, Westmorland, Cumberland, Durham, and Northumberland; And giving a proper account of the Members' Names, their Places of Residence, the names of the Committee, the Treasurer, and Secretaries; ALSO A PROPER DELINEATION OF THE WOOL, HORN, AND EAR MARKS OF ALL THE MEMBERS' SHEEP. EXTENDING From Bowes and Wensleydale, to Sedbergh, in Yorkshire; from Cross Fell and Kirkoswald, to Castle Carrick, in Cumberland; from Knaresdale and Allendale, Hexhamshire, to Blanchland, in Northumberland; from Lanchester and Stanhope, to Middleton, in Durham; and from thence to Bowes, in Yorkshire. TO WHICH ARE ADDED THE RULES AND AN INDEX.
The book is soft bound, sewn and wrapped. It has been 'protected' by a sticky film, quite ruinous:-

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Introductory matter, pages iii to vi:-

In presenting to you a revised edition of the 'SHEPHERDS' GUIDE,' we venture to say that we have made it as perfect as circumstances will permit; errors there may be, but they are of such a nature that we as Secretaries are unable to detect them, and will mostly be caused by indifferent marking on the blank sheets.
We venture to remind you that this Association is in every sense a Co-operative Society, and that its success or failure is in the hands of each individual member. We therefore earnestly request you, each and all, to use his or her utmost endeavours to comply with the rules set out, and diligently gather and forward to the places of meeting all stray sheep on the respective moors, and to bear in mind that united we have a great power for good, divided we are powerless.
Should any member discover that sheep are wilfully or negligently detained from the meetings, or that proper access is not allowed to the waifs set apart, or that any illegal practices are suspected in any district, if they will write to the Secretary of their Association, we feel sure every endeavour will be made to set the matter right.
Thanking the different members who have so ably assisted in gathering the marks, etc, we place the book in your hands, and trust it will meet with approval, if so we shall feel amply repaid.
We beg to remain, Gentlemen, Your obedient servants,


1.- That each Township appoint a member, or person within that district, to attend the Exchange Meeting of Stray Sheep, and discharge the duties of any other office connected with the Association.
2.- That each member gather all Stray Sheep belonging to the Members of this Association, upon the Moor or Common upon which his Sheep usually go, four days previous to the Meeting of Exchange within his district, where he resides, and forward them in proper time to the aforesaid meeting.
3. That the Meetings take place in the following order, viz:-
For the East Fells District -
At Bollihope on Saturday before St. John's Chapel, both Midsummer and Autumn; at the Blue Bell Inn, St. John's Chapel, Weardale, on the first Monday after the 8th of July, for the Midsummer; and on the first Monday after the 3rd of November, for the Autumn gathering. At Slaggyford, and High Force Inn, in Teesdale, on the Tuesday; at Shaw House, and Croglin, on Wednesday; at Melmerby, and Hilton, on Thursday; and the Central Meeting at Gullum Holme, on the Friday following these dates.
For the South Fells District -
At Nateby, near Kirkby Stephen; Hardrow, in Wensleydale; Unicorn Inn, Bowes; and C.B. Inn, Arkengarthdale, on the first Monday after the 8th of July, for Midsummer; and on the first Monday after the 3rd of November, for Autumn gathering. At the Punchbowl Inn, near Brough, on the Tuesday; a Sub Meeting at the Strathmore Arms, Holwick, on Thursday the day before Grains-o'-Beck meeting, and at Grains-o'-Beck, Lunedale, on the Friday following these dates. At the Miners' Arms Inn, Keld Green, Swaledale; at Shaw Paddock Inn, near Hawes; and Stang Foot Inn, near Barnard Castle, on the Saturday before Nateby gathering. At the Cross Keys Inn, Tebay; at King's Head Inn, Gunnerside, Swaledale; and Gearstones Inn, Horton-in-Ribblesdale, on the Friday before Nateby Meeting. At the Lion Inn, Sedbergh; and Bolton Arms Inn, Downholme, Richmond, on the Thursday before Nateby meeting; also at the Sun Inn, Crosby Ravensworth, same date. At the King's Head Inn, Coldbeck, Ravenstonedale, on the second Tuesday in July, for the Midsummer gathering; and on the second Tuesday in November for Autumn gathering.
For the North Fells District -
At Bolts Law, in Weardale; Carrshield and Allendale Town on the first Friday after 5th July, for the Midsummer; and on the first day in November for the Autumn gathering; and the Central Meeting at Mr. Shields' Allenheads Inn, Allenheads, Allendale, on the Saturday following these dates.
4.- If any member shall wilfully neglect to gather any Stray Sheep belonging to any member of this Association, from that part of the Moor or Common upon which his Sheep are usually depastured; or, when gathered, if he shall neglect to forward them in due time to the proper Meeting of Exchange within his district, he shall be cautioned for the first neglect, and for the second he shall be excluded the benefits of this Association.
5.- If any member shall refuse to attend in his turn to remove such Sheep as require removing (having reasonable expenses allowed from the person owning the Sheep), he shall be reported, and excluded the benefits of the Association.
6.- Should any member find any Stray Sheep during the intervals between the Meetings, he shall either forward the marks to the Secretary, or advertise in the local papers, giving full marks, etc. Parties claiming sheep to pay all reasonable expenses.
7.- If any Sheep be found straying, and its marks be not in this Association Book, it shall be conveyed to the nearest Meeting of Exchange; and if not owned or claimed there, to be delivered up to the Lord or Lady, or their Bailiff (expenses being paid), of that manor upon which it was taken up; the marks to be taken down in writing, and also the address of the person who takes charge of the sheep, by the Committee of the Meeting, and forwarded to the Secretary, together with one shilling, to meet the expenses of getting bills printed and forwarded to every Sheep Meeting House for circulation.
8.- All Stray or neighbouring Sheep to be at each Meeting place by Twelve o'clock at noon; and those Sheep whose marks are not in the Book, to be drawn into a fold by themselves, for the inspection of all present at the meeting. Members who infringe this rule to be fined Sixpence each.
9.- If any member shall, at any meeting, wilfully challenge and claim for his own, or for any other person, any Stray Sheep not being his or theirs, upon such conduct being clearly proved against him, he must bear all expenses of such Sheep to the owner, or to the Lord or Lady of that manor upon which it was taken up.
10.- That each member attending the Exchange shall pay One Shilling and Sixpence for refreshments, otherwise be excluded the benefits of the Association.
11.- Non-members to be charged Sixpence each Sheep.
12.- As it is generally supposed that occasionally a number of Sheep are unlawfully driven off sundry moors and commons, it is therefore requested by the Committee, that every member be diligent in studying his book, so as to be conversant with the various marks contained therein, and thereby be qualified to detect such improper proceedings.
13.- That a Committee man be appointed in each township throughout the district, to see that these rules are properly acted up to and carried into effect; any three to have power to act in their district.
14.- That all fines, etc., be paid to the Treasurers of the Amalgamated Societies; and that the Treasurers and Secretaries make up their accounts for the inspection of the members every year against the Autumn Central Meeting.
The book has an index, arranged in groups for each district, then alphabetically by the horn burn, which is usually initials, as:-
AD each / Elizabeth Dobson / Low Row / 424
AD both / Alfred E Dobson / Hill House / 448
Ace both / Thomas Robinson / Shield Ash / 475
A far / Robt. Atkinson / Low Barn / 541


The sheep diagrams are printed in black and white. A typical page spread:-

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An example:-
Bowderdale illustration of mark
    1.- ISABELLA BRYNING, Bowderdale. IB near horn; near ear forked; far ear underbit; stroke behind far shoulder and O on far hook.

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