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Shepherds' Guide, R H Lamb, 1927

These notes are from a copy of the guide in Carlisle Library, Local Studies, item 3 8003 00306 2981, shelf mark 1A 636.3.
source type: Lamb 1927
Title page:-

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THE SHEPHERDS' GUIDE, OR A DESCRIPTION OF THE WOOL AND EAR MARKS OF THE RESPECTIVE STOCKS OF SHEEP IN Caldbeck, Mosedale, Bowscale, Mungrisdale, Threlkeld, Underskiddaw, Bassenthwaite, Uldale, &c. COMPILED BY R. H. LAMB.
MEETINGS. Held alternately at, and in the following rotation:- Caldbeck, Mungrisdale, Threlkeld, Bassenthwaite, and Uldale (Hunt meets) on the first Monday in December, and Wylie Gills on the last Monday in July, and the first Monday after the 29th October (Hogg meet). The fine at all meets is 2/6.

Nicely contrasting the spelling on the title page ...
Introductory matter:-
THE compilation of a new Shepherds' Guide of small size was undertaken at the request of the Caldbeck Shepherds' Meeting, in December, 1925, as many changes have taken place since the publication of the last Guide of similar dimensions in 1892.
The utility of the Guide depends upon its accuracy, its completeness, and upon copies being well distributed amongst flockowners. Every care has been taken to prevent mistakes and duplicate marks, and to register every flock in the districts which this publication embraces. Possibly some errors may have crept in, but it is hoped they are of a minor nature. Grateful acknowledgement is made for the assistance given by Mr. Wm. James and Mr. Wm. Coulthard, Caldbeck; Mr. Wilson Martin and Mr. Jos. Bleasdale, Mungrisdale; Mr. T Gasgarth and Mr. T. Robinson, Threlkeld; Mr. J. H. Mattinson and Mr. A. Thompson, Bassenthwaite; and Mr. J. Cowx and Mr. J. Fawcett, Uldale.
All flockmasters are requested to collect stray sheep against the usual times - as mentioned on the title page - of exchange, and generally to assist in the identification and restoration of such.
Every effort has been made to give the correct postal address of each owner, so that the possessor of a Guide, by referring to it, may be able to ascertain the ownership of stray sheep and where to write to, so that the sheep may be restored without loss of time or prolonged expense of keep.
R.H.L. CALDBECK. September, 1927.


The sheep diagrams are printed in black and white, and colour to show the marks. A typical page spread:-

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An example:-
Bowscale illustration of mark
    JOHN JACKSON, Bowscale. Cropped near ear, underfold bitted far ear, red stroke over the fillets and red stroke down near shoulder, J on far side.

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