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Technicolor Sheep
Sheep are meant to be white
Woolly symbols for soap powders
And bouncing Spring
It's all a lie

Discount black face sheep
(black face, white fleece)
Discount Herdwicks
(white face, black fleece)
And the quizical stare of a cuddly toy

But ordinary sheep sheep

Smitten farside or nearside
Red strokes
Blue pops
Yellow, green, black, ...
On shoulder, hock, back, ...

Colourful tum, if a tup
Colourful rump, if tupped

Dipped they look grubby
Not an advertiser's dream

Once I saw a technicolor sheep
(not a purple cow)
Red stroke down nearside hock
Yellow patch
(never did understand)
Blue behind the ears
Faded green on rump
(that tup)

Woolly white?
Not here they ain't

But my, the lambs do bounce
MN: 20.12.2004

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