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Mr Cumberland
  Ode to the Sun

SOUL of the world, refulgent sun!
Oh, take not from my ravish'd sight
Those golden beams of living light,
Nor, ere thy daily course be run,
Precipitate the night.
Lo! where ruffian clouds arise,
Usurp the abdicated skies,
And seize the aethereal throne:
Sullen sad the scene appears,
Huge Helvellyn streams with tears!
Hark! 'tis giant Skiddaw's groan,
I hear terrific Lowdore roar;
The sabbath of thy reign is o'er,
The anarchy's begun;
Father of light! return; break forth, refulgent sun!
What if the rebel blast shall rend
These nodding horrors from the mountain's brow -
Hither thy glad deliverance send,
Ah, save the votarist, and accept the vow!
And say, through thy diurnal round,
Where, great spectator, hast thou found
Such solemn soul-inviting shades,
Ghostly dells, religious glades?
Where Penitence may plant its meek abode, and hermit Meditation meet its God!
Now by the margin of the glassy deep,
My pensive vigils let me keep;
There by force of Runic spells,
Shake the grot where nature dwells: /
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